Catch my interview with Bill Horin on ArtC. Thanks to Roy Steinberg, Cape May Stage, and Bill Horin for having me on the show. I loved talking about One Day Old in the Philly Fringe and my upcoming reading on May 2nd at Cape May Stage On The Flipside. 

ArtC – Ep. 7 – Roy Steinberg & Iraisa Ann Reilly


On the Flip Side

It was a great winter taking Arlene Hutton’s Playwrighting Intensive Class at the Barrow Group! The result- a bunch of ten-minute plays that need to be heard out loud. Come to Cape May Stage on May 2nd at 7:30pm for On The Flip Side– a bunch of plays I wrote about passing out while running a marathon, forgetting how to use a record player, getting help from the homeless, dating (or not), Tom Petty, the Clash, and a whole lot more. music pier