Synopsis of some things I’m working on

One day Old

The true story of Operación Pedro Pan through the lens of a dream. Wendy is the daughter of a Cuban exile and a college freshman away from home for the first time. She loses a necklace that her father gave her- one of the few physical items that her family has since they fled Cuba in the early 1960s. In a dream, she meets Pedro, a seventeen year-old man from 1962 who has fled Cuba through the underground operation that came to be known as Operación Pedro Pan. Together they navigate a spiritual world that transcends the past and present. Pedro searches for his family as Wendy discovers what she was really after all along.*One Day Old was self-produced  by the playwright for the Philadelphia Fringe Festival 2016

Good Cuban Girls

When Marisol comes home from college for the summer….she has a big secret. She is afraid that telling this secret to the matriarchs of her family will cause their subsequent instantaneous death(s). Better to introduce them to her “cometrapo” boyfriend, Todd, no? Good Cuban Girls examines the first generation struggle to hold onto culture after being raised in an eternal exile.

Ocean Beach 

It’s been a while since Rose’s mother, Esther could remember much. Her disease has caused her to slip into an unresponsive coma, and Rose sits by her side during what will be the final hours of her life. Knowing that her mother can hear her, she decides to read letters which she found while cleaning out her childhood home. The letters were written by Rose’s father, Joseph, in the month’s leading up to their wedding in 1947. As Rose reads the letters, Joseph and Esther appear reliving their love story, and their daughter discovers the life they lived before they were her parents.   Two people who were never going to marry until one day when everything changed. A day that Rose never knew about until her parents decided to tell her through the letters.

2 thoughts on “Synopsis of some things I’m working on

  1. Mary Guerrieri says:

    Always thinking; always writing creativity. Loved seeing One Day Old a few years ago at Fringe Art Festival. God bless you and your family – Mom, Dad & Brother Tim. Fondly, Mr & Mrs G,


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