A Beginner’s Guide To Interpreting Aphasia

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Philly’s Solow Fest 2019!

Come help me figure out what this one-woman piece will be with a workshop/ production/ reading/ performance of A Beginner’s Guide to Interpreting Aphasia.

June 17th, 2019 7:30 pm

The Drake Theater 302 S. Hicks Street, Philadelphia, PA

Written and Performed by Iraisa Ann Reilly

Directed By Gabriela Sanchez


Meet Sara, a musician who volunteers every week at a local nursing home/physical rehab center. Let her entertain you with a little music therapy as we journey through this “home”. The health care system can be confusing, so Sara will help serve as your interpreter along the way. We’ll hear from nurses, family members, doctors, administrators, and patients, and we’ll try to figure out exactly what everybody is really trying to say.  By the end of this one-woman show, you’ll have the foundation for being a certified aphasia interpreter.

Tickets are Pay What You Can (so..free if that’s what you decide!)

To reserve a seat email iraisaannreilly11@gmail.com.

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